Safety & Testing

The Tuffballs brand is expanding quickly & gaining momentum throughout Europe despite being put under scrutiny by some of the competition Lately with questions arising mysteriously from multiple organisations such as Trading Standards.

Please rest assured that the Tuffballs project was not undertaken lightly & all documentation has now been inspected & accepted by the above.

So here’s a bit of background on the brand to put any concerns to rest.

In the creation of the brand, Samples were received from 35 factories across 7 countries around the globe and put under the strictest test conditions we could find. The formulation was tested, re-tested and altered to meet the harshest criteria & to comply with Brittish criteria as at 1st nothing direct complied with our regulations.

The final UK approved formulation came some 12 months later & despite having full confidence in the brand, We placed the test balls in our own hire fleet which is one of the largest hire companies in the UK for 12 months and gave samples to some of our closest customers for a real-life field test.

After only 8 months of testing in the field, we had a fail rate of 6 balls in the 25,000 which was on par with any other European ball manufacturer and as such pushed the balls to market earlier than planned.

By this time the balls had been independently tested in a laboratory & obtained certification from, EN71- 1EN71- 2, EN71- 3, proving that tuff balls could be distributed freely around Europe & bear the CE mark in accordance with Article 17 of the council directive 2009/48/EC.

These certifications proved effectively that the product contained no Harmful chemical levels, No trace element toxins, No harmful levels of Lead, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, Phthalates, Mercury & Boron, amongst others. The test results also confirmed that the product was free of sharp edges, they were hygienic enough for children over 8 months old & passed the EN71 Flame retardancy tests & the M2 specification for Europe.

With this certification in place, A final factory check was undertaken & mass production began. 4 months later we had our first batch of 144,000 balls imported
& the brand was born.

Now into year 4 of our Journey, Tuff balls are gaining momentum, with new distributors on board in France, Germany & hopefully Ireland within the next few months.

Our next containers arrive in April, May, June, August & 3 in October with a new range of colours on board & in more manageable 500 piece boxes allowing for much cheaper postal costs.

If anyone has any questions or requires any documentation, Please feel free to get in touch & our new upto date 2018 test reports will be available at the end April which our Director Lee returns from China.