About Us

Tuff balls began in 2016 to help supply the ever-growing need for high quality commercial play balls in the uk. After our initial market research of mobile entertainment needs we quickly realised that our product was required in many more sectors other than just mobile entertainers. Tuff Balls soon became a household name in the world of commercial ball pool balls and soon had may of the uk’s leading bouncy castle and soft play manufactures wanting to stock and supply our products to their clients. Tuff Balls is a family owned and run commercial ball manufacturer based in the uk. We currently export our balls globally serving the needs of our play friends overseas as well as here in the uk. The secret to our success??? Well its simple really we provide our customers with a 5 star customer service experience every time and also a product which will last for years to come not only do you get our 5 star service and high quality products but you also get the very best prices available the market as well.